Here at Ponderosa Stables we are more than happy to provide Grass Hay

[4 flakes/day].


However, we do understand that sometimes horses require different things to fit their special needs.

No problem! 

If your horses require a specific hay [other than Grass] we ask that owners supply that as well as any other supplements.


Once you've got it - we'll take it

from there! 

optional feeding services

what kind

of feed?

supplemental feeding*

$30 per month

*owner supplied

extra flake* each day

one extra flake* per day - $40 per month 

two extra flakes* per day - $60 per month 

*Grass Hay

Our caretakers normally

feed twice a day.

If your horse requires something different -

please don't hesitate to ask and we will do our best to make things work.