some answers for your frequently asked questions

can I pay with cash?

Unfortunately credit is the only and easiest way for us to accept payments. We want to keep our caretakers focus on the horses so for us to make our transactions safe, quick and easy we ask that you make your payments with credit/debit.

must I provide my own feed for my horses?

The Ponderosa Stables will provide grass hay [at 4 flakes per day per horse] though we do ask that owners supply any special feed that they require. We are more than happy to store any feed that you supply in a dry and secure place.

what if my horse requires supplements?

No problem! If your horse requires any special supplement - our caretakers will gladly take care of it. We can arrange and take note of schedules and times to make sure that your horses feel at home & that most importantly you feel at home with your horses in our care. We only ask that you supply the supplements that your horses require. 

can I bring my kids?

Kids if all ages and sizes are always welcome at Ponderosa Stables! Though - we do ask that if any owners decide to bring children along with them for the visit - that they are supervised at all times. We would like to keep this a safe and friendly experience to all of our guests and we ask that they each do their part.

for any more questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

951.490.0159 // 8:00am to 8:00pm //

27455 Peach Street Perris, California 92570